About US

Microtells founder Jeffery Olsen has recorded the first micro macro and subtle expression non mimicry facial expression video series in history for autism spectrum disorder. Jeffery is a certified master in micro macro and subtle expressions recording thousands of training videos in his field. He draws from his experience in interviewing many individuals as an investigator, former owner of Cryptomeria, and VSA analyst with a ten key process to extract and deal with the emotional data from micro macro and subtle facial expressions. Most people do not know that micro facial expressions express the seven universal emotions of: disgust, anger, fear, sadness, happiness, contempt, and surprise that we as humans have moment to moment. These biological micro facial expressions of emotion appear and disappear on the face at high rates of speed lasting only 125 to 115 of a second. At these speeds it makes it near on impossible for anyone but the few people that have the gift to see them as Jeffery does. This has put him on the map, and in a special position to record these facial expressions and train Autistic individuals not only to see them at high rates of speed but also for autistic individuals to use the data in judgment and passive judgment for social and professional situations. The speed at which micro expressions are displayed on all human faces including blind people from birth were discovered in the late 1960s and the data derived from them have been used by many department of defense agencies to catch spies and terrorists. We now know from the many scholarly studies that especially disorders like autism can be remediated by an autistic person studying micro expressions. Of course there are literally endless applications and uses in mastering micro expressions however Microtells only teaches individuals diagnosed by a doctor with Autism Spectrum Disorder so kindly please do not ask unless you have a diagnoses from a doctor as this will only waste your time and mine. For more information watch the video below.