Hello !!

I am Jeffery Olsen-Simonds founder of Microtells Ranch and the Proactive Intelligence Readiness Program (P.I.E.R.) specializing in the mitigation of school shootings. I have recorded the first micro macro and subtle expression non mimicry video series with training overlay specifically designed to heighten an individuals readiness for Dangerous Demeanors. I am a certified master & expert in micro macro and subtle expressions, specializing in D3- Dangerous Demeanors. I draw from my deep belief in the Creator and his Son, as well as my experience in interviewing many individuals as a former investigator and owner of Cryptomeria Investigations Ca pi lic#26175, Coyote Bail Bonds lic#1844211 VSA analyst VIPRE H-300 and much more also with other life jobs. I have developed a ten key process to extract and deal with the emotional data from micro, macro, and subtle facial expressions especially in violent situations. The PIER program is essentially an emotional boot camp and is for the few who are chosen to join the program. Invitations to come to the P.I.E.R. at Microtells Ranch will be sent out on October 1st 2018 and will begin December 1st 2018.