Help me STOP school shootings!!!!!!!

Hello !!

Throughout life I have been a California Private Investigator, Bail Agent, VSA Analyst, certified master in micro, macro, and subtle facial expressions including D3 dangerous demeanor. I earned an online degree in Naturopathic Science, I also received an EMT certification and studied 2 years of behavioral science at National University. Currently I am enjoying helping people see micro expressions at all levels, and firmly believe that studying all forms of facial countenance can be an incredible way to inspire others to see what they need in the depth of life not the distance because life sometimes can be short. I really enjoy helping people master the art of deception detection and D3 within all the great incongruences of life. This is truly a fun time in my life because I love teaching something that I know is in all our DNA. I am the first person in history that has built a full, non- mimicked, micro, macro, and subtle expressions video program from current news media and other rich sources I hope to share and continue learning for myself and others. One of my true goals in this life is to stop school violence that leads to death full stop!!!!!!!